Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sunday Surprise

Lyle and Ann left Saturday for Atlanta for their last trade show during this trip. We said our goodbyes Friday, and that was really hard for me. I love company and always hate to see anyone leave. We didn't talk at all on Saturday, but I called them Sunday to see if they had arrived in Atlanta okay. Lyle said they'd never made it to Atlanta on Saturday. He went on to tell me that once they got on the interstate, the wind was so strong that it made it difficult to haul their fifth wheel and that they had to pull into another campground about 20 miles from here. I thought, oh, my gosh, they are still so close! They were getting ready for church when I called, and he said he had a few questions about his blog, so we decided to talk more after church. Later, we worked on his blog a little more, back and forth by phone.

With severe thunderstorms forecast for the day, and the wind still quite strong, they had decided to wait it out and leave for Atlanta Monday morning. I asked him if they would like to come and join us for Sunday supper that night, as Stosh and Tammy were coming. I told him I wasn't going to fuss, that it was just going to be pot luck and leftovers, as I had so much stuff in the fridge, and if they wanted to come and eat, to just come along.

A little while later, Ann called and asked me what time supper was going to be. I told her 5:30 and asked if they were going to come. She said yes!!! I couldn't believe it!!! What a surprise!!! I was just ecstatic that we were going to get together one more time! I told her I would call and tell Stosh, and she said no, that they'd surprise him this time. (Remember what they did to me on Friday, telling Stosh 1 o'clock and telling me 12:30 for lunch, knowing that I am always late and would surely be there by 1.) So this time the joke would be on Stosh! Anyhow, they arrived a little early, and I was glad. I had baked a chocolate cake, so to give me a hand in the kitchen, Ann jumped in and whipped up the cream cheese icing just like an old pro! They used to own and operate a restaurant out in AZ when they were younger.

When Stosh pulled in, he was surprised to see their big diesel truck parked in front of my place, but he wasn't quite sure if it was theirs or not, as he thought they were in Atlanta! What can I say? It was just like a reunion all over again with hugs, laughter, and more chit-chat!

Well, we had a not-so-bad meal of Thursday night's leftovers of roast beef, potatoes and carrots cooked together, applesauce, sliced homemade rolls, and chocolate cake with cream cheese icing and also strawberry shortcake with freshly-picked berries! I don't think anyone left the table hungry...at least, I hope not! I guess I'm still not quite 100% into this blogging thing, as I should have had my camera wrapped around my neck and taken pics of the group around the table and the desserts, etc. as Lyle had chocolate cake with strawberries on top of that cream cheese icing! It made a very pretty dessert!

Lyle brought his laptop along so I could show him a few more things he needed to know so he could post next time by himself. You can see by the pic above that he is deep in concentration, and then in the pic below, he looks like he is very satisfied that he accomplished what he wanted to, by the looks of that smile on his face! Welcome to blogland, Lyle!

All said and done, we squeezed in one more supper together and more time to chat before they actually left for their last trade show before heading back to AZ. We probably won't all get together for another very long time. We hope they enjoyed the week as much as we did! It was a fun, fun week!!! Only thing is, it didn't last long enough!!! We just wish they lived closer!!!


Susie said...

Sounds like yet another fun together. Lyle looks like he has the happy blogger smile!!
Loved seeing cats #1 and #2. How many do you have?

Michelle said...

I am so happy for you guys, there is nothing like the surprises!

Dinner sounded scrumptious, but I like the sound of the roast BEAST more than I do the chocolate cake (not a sweets person).

It's always nice to see you on my blog Nancy. You are a sweet friend.

Diane said...

I'm sure the visit will be a great memory for all of you. It was great hearing all about it and seeing the great pictures! Be sure to let me know the info on Lyle's blog. Would love to visit!!

Michelle said...

Ok Girl,

time for some more reading material for me!

Get on the stick, I need a new post.

Midlife Mom said...

What a nice surprise to have another evening with Lyle and Ann! I'm glad they didn't try to keep going in the heavy winds, I know what it can be like hauling a big trailer (horse trailer) and have it swaying. Not fun. The meal sounds delish, I love leftovers, sometimes they taste even better then the first time! That cream cheese frosting is making me drool and it's only 7 AM! lol!
Thanks for telling me all the names of your cats in your comment. Whew! That's a lot to take care of but aren't they lucky to have a forever home?! I get so angry with people that don't spay or neuter their cats and then just let them run wild and have kittens over and over. Not much of a life for them especially here with it so bitterly cold in the wintertime.
Noodles is one crazy cat to ride on the horse with me but he loves it. He and his sister came home from Florida with us one year. They were in a shelter down there and we had just lost the last of our old cats and were feeling the need for some kitty company. Munchkin is shy and hides when the grand kids are around but Noodles is right in the middle of everything with them and loving it. He will ride around in the baby doll carriage with a blanket over him.
Lyle looks like the rest of us bloggers! Addiction will come soon! lol! Now he needs to leave some comments so that he will get more readers. Tell him I'm waiting for a comment!
It's supposed to be in the low 90's this weekend. Bleck! That's a 40* difference in what it has been! I don't like the heat so I will most likely be inside in the air conditioning if we don't go to the lake.
Have a wonderful weekend!! :o)