Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Quiet Weekend

It has been a quiet weekend for me. I do believe I am all caught up reading everyone's blogs! I have added a couple new ones to my blogroll on my main page as I had a couple of newcomers visit my blog.

I am a procrastinator! I put off all day yesterday going into the city for groceries, cat supplies, and stuff from Lowe's. So I finally got my shower and got ready and took off last night about 7:30. (I would rather shop at night anyhow!) I took some trash to the dumpsters and met a friend who lives on that end of the street, and we stood there and chatted for about an hour! This retired couple has only been here for a year. They pulled into their parking space just as I was getting my trash out of my trunk, and she walked down to say hi. Well, after we had been talking probably a half hour or so, her hubby came out to the end of their sidewalk to see if she was okay! LOL We waved at him, he waved back, and then he went back inside. He knows how we talk when we get together! They are such a lovely couple. They, too, love cats and have two of their own. I finally got home around 10pm and got my car unloaded....and boy, was it humid! We had a short rain shower while I was getting ready to go, and it was like a sauna when I opened the door to leave! By the time I got things put away and all the cats fed and scooped and ready for bed, it was 1am! Typical shopping night for me!

Today my daughter came to take my trash for me, so I fixed us a quick supper of leftovers...roast beef, etc. When she called and said she was coming over, I hurried and mixed up a carrot cake and some cream cheese icing! It was soooooo good!!!! She has put her 2-week notice in at work as she has accepted a new position in another city about 25 miles from here. She is a CPA and has a resume I can't even understand! She is involved in SEC reporting and all that stuff I don't do! LOL I always hate to see her leave, even though she only lives 4 miles from me! I get to see her during the week when I am in the city if I choose to go by her home that evening. Looks like this week is kitty checkup week for both of her cats, so I will be busy a couple of days taking them in. Both of her cats are rescues (by me), and she loves them dearly. "Buster" and "Sweet Pea." Buster has been losing weight and is the brother to my Cleo and Daphy, so he could be diabetic now, too. I hope to get him an appointment for tomorrow so he can be checked out thoroughly, complete with bloodwork. We worry over them just as we would if they were children.

Not much of a weekend, but it was a quiet one for me, and I kind of like it that way. My phone rings all hours of the day and night with the business, so that is enough excitement for this ole gal! LOL

Oh, my dear blogging friends...Lyle from On the Road Again with Lyle will be posting again very soon! They have returned to their home in AZ, and he is working on his next post. So I will be sure to let you know when he publishes it!

I'll be posting my strawberry cheesecake recipe tomorrow, complete with photos! So be sure to stop back! You won't be sorry!!!


Susie said...

Hi Nancy,
Sometimes a quiet weekend can be really enjoyable. I hope the checkup for your daughter's kitties goes well. Our first Maine Coon was diabetic at the end of his life poor guy.
Looking forward to your cheesecake recipe. We just bought some beautiful strawberries and have been eating them in lots of ways.
Our heat spell is finally breaking, yipee!!

Gramma Ann said...

Hi Nancy,

I noticed we like the same movies as well, when I read your profile. I am also a procrastinator. I have a book by Rita Emmett, entitled: "The Procrastinator's Handbook" It is funny but also helpful. I picked up many helpful hints from it and refer to it when I get in one of procrastinatoring moods. I think I just made a new word. Hee, hee.

Sounds like you are going to have a very tasty treat. I like cheese cakes, but to lazy to make one, I'm retired you know;))

Have a lovely day tomorrow.

Diane J. said...

It's hot and humid here too, Nancy. Yuck! And we desperately need some rain, but it's been raining all around us, just not here.

I love cheesecake and I love strawberries, but I prefer my cheesecake plain. Then I'll eat the strawberries on the side, LOL! ;o)

I'm interested in seeing your recipe and tutorial though. I might change my mind.

Have a great new week, Nancy.

Love and hugs,


hippochick said...

tammy won't move, will she? just a job change?

i think quiet weekends are necessary to relax and recoup from the week's craziness.

~hippo hugs~

Sammy said...

I know just what you mean about worrying about your cats as if they were your children! Hope the checkup goes well. My sister's cat is diabetic and she's been having a very hard time regulating the insulin. Many trips back and forth to the vet!

How great to have a CPA in the family! That must come in handy! And I'm with you--so much I cannot understand! It's like a different language. My husband has an economics background and sometimes when I look at a spreadsheet he's working on I feel like I'm just looking at rows and rows of numbers. He insists they have meaning, but I'm not so sure! :-)

Ooooh, can't wait for your strawberry cheesecake recipe!

Jess said...

DId you mention strawberry and cheesecake in the same sentence..of course i would love for you to overnight me some of it! Ha...I love strawberry cheesecake and can't wait for the recipe and pictures.

Diane said...

SO looking forward to the recipe for cheesecake. My two favorite desserts are cheesecake and keylime I'm waiting anxiously!

Quiet days are a blessing and I always look forward to one. We had a pretty quiet Sunday. We went to church, back home, went to a meeting at 1:30-2:30, then was back home for the rest of the day.

Hope the kitties have a good doc visit.


Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Nancy,

My Sundays are usually filled with going to church and going to lunch with friends, then a bit of shopping to walk of the buffet (hehe) and then home. At home, there are always hungry mouths waiting to be fed, before I can finally relax, do a little surfing, and maybe a little TV watching.

Your daughter's new job sounds great. And 25 miles isn't bad. Heck, around here, you cover that just going to town and back. I do hope Buster is not diabetic! I have had cats all my life. When I moved here from the city (Cleveland, Ohio) I brought along 15 cats. That was 25 years ago. I have never had a diabetic cat, thank goodness. I am a diabetic though, and mostly diet controlled. So I can not partake in your delicious Strawberry Cheesecake. But it looks so delicious! Oh, my! I do substitute things in some recipes, like splenda for sugar, etc., and manage to make some delicious treats that I can enjoy, when I crave some sweets.

I did enjoy your post. Hope you're have a great day.



Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Nancy,

Just stopped over to let you know that Buster will be in my prayers! Hope you're having a great day.