Thursday, June 26, 2008


I have been receiving emails about my daughter's cat, "Buster." He was sent to a specialists' facility in another city on Tuesday, where they diagnosed his problems. He made it through the surgery yesterday afternoon, which was a miracle in itself as he was so weak. The specialist called me at 8 this morning to let me know that he made it through the night and had a good night. He will remain on the IV line yet today and then will see what tomorrow brings. I planned on doing a post with photos of him last night, but I collapsed after I got home from my daughter's around 10pm. This has been a busy week with cats again, and we are getting ready to head back to Greenville shortly as today is "Sweet Pea's" monthly checkup after her radiation treatments, plus we will get to visit "Buster," too! She has been "Buster's" companion since 1995, so hopefully, she can sneak a little peek at him today, also.

I can't wait to get there so I can see my little guy! I haven't been sleeping well at night, as I keep waking up, thinking of him. He must be so scared being caged, with tubes coming out of him and one of those plastic cloth type collars around his neck so he can't tear out his IV. What must the little fella think? That we have abandoned him? That he will never see us again? My heart just aches for the little guy. The surgeon removed ALL of the tumor off his liver, which he didn't think would be possible at first, resectioned his bowel where he removed another large tumor, and took an enlarged lymph node for biopsy, also. Now we have to see how his kidneys are going to do as they are dilated and diseased, too. How is a pet owner supposed to know that this is going on inside their pet? You don't. It just happens almost overnight. So we are praying for him every minute and would appreciate if all of you would send a prayer up for him, too. He is 14 years old and has been a wonderful pet for my daughter. He was her very own first pet when she finished college and bought her first home. He is like her child.

I will do a post all about him tonight. Please pray for the little guy......we love him so much!!!


Jess said...

I will be praying for him... I think animals will be in heaven, but I know other poeple don't think so. Let us know how he's doing.

Midlife Mom said...

I agree with Jess I think animals will be in heaven too.
I know exactly what you are going through with your little guy. I've been there too many times but I guess it's all part of loving animals and having lots of them. Doesn't make it any easier though does it? Will be praying for Buster that everything will turn out alright. Keep us all posted, we care!

Mississippi Songbird said...

I will pray for him.. I know he means so much to you.. Bunches of hugs.. I'm also gonna try your cheesecake..Yummy!

Michelle said...

Nancy, you know you and your family (cats included) are always in our prayers. No one on here has been sweeter than you, and I always include the sweet ones when I talk to my God.

God protects the innocents, so why wouldn't animals be in heaven? No creature on earth gives more unconditional love.

Hope you get some sleep!


Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Nanacy,

Oh, poor little Buster! You are doing everything possible to make him well again, and he will be! I will be praying for him. Please let us know how he is doing.

Hugs and prayers,


Diane @ Diane's Place said...

Prayers going up here, and waiting on your next post about Buster...

Love and hugs,


Susie said...

Hi Nancy,
Your loving and caring heart is in all parts of this post. I've said a prayer for Buster. Please let us know how he's doing.

Old Folks Blog said...

Your Daghter is a very pretty young lady.The smile on her face reminds me of Matlocks daughter,in the TV series Matlock,if she had brown hair,she would be an image of her.Hae the sam facial expressions.
You have fine looking children.I am Oldfolk 89,living with my wife Helen for the last 67 years in Ada Okla.
God bless.