Friday, June 13, 2008

Some Much-Needed Girl Time

Wednesday was a fun afternoon spent with my good friend, Diane, from the Do Drop Inn. We try to get together as often as we can but have to squeeze our fun times into our busy work schedules. Diane is a neighbor about a minute's walk, maybe 30 seconds, down the street from where I live, so it is really nice that we live so close to one another. We have so much in common...our love of cats, our love of sweets, our addiction to computers....well, you get the picture.

Diane was feeling down about her old elementary school being demolished. So I thought we needed to have a little "girl" time. I had a feeling that what she really needed was a little chocolate to cheer her up! So I mixed up some turkey salad for sandwiches on homemade bread, served with chips, and made some fudge brownies for brownie a la mode, plus diet pepsi and a good ol' pot of coffee!

After lunch and dessert, we played around with our blogs, adding a few new things to our pages. We are both new to the blogosphere this year, so we have a lot to learn yet. Somehow, it seemed more fun to work together. Before we knew it, the afternoon was gone, and it was after 5 o'clock! So we decided we needed to hit the road and go shopping the following day, mostly to walk off the dessert calories, and that is exactly what we did yesterday!

We headed to Greer, as we had heard that the Super Wal-Mart there had a much better selection than ours did. We didn't really find anything that excited us too much, but we did find a couple of things worth buying. Actually, our Wal-Mart is larger than that one. I think next time we'll head down to Laurens, as that's where Wal-Mart's Regional Distribution Center is located. They always have different things in the store down there than what I've ever seen in any of our 3 local Wal-Marts in our immediate area.

Oh, I must tell you this....when we got there and got our shopping carts, which are called "buggies" here in the South, I saw Diane messing around with the child safety belt. She went on to tell me that she always buckles her pocketbook in, making it harder for a purse snatcher to grab. Made good sense to me, so I buckled mine in, too! Never too late to teach an "old dog" a new trick! LOL

By the time we got back from Greer and a stop at Ingles supermarket, Diane had to get home for Steve, and I had trash to take down to the dumpsters. Then about 6:30pm, I headed back to the city for cat supplies and a few groceries at Wal-Mart. After that I headed north on I-85 to Stosh's as he had picked up 4 more pails of strawberries at Strawberry Hill for us gals! I just didn't have the energy to do them up last evening as I didn't get home until about 9pm, and I had my trunk (packed to capacity!) to unload, plus, there was even more cat supplies in the backseat! So guess what I'll be doing tonight? I wonder how much help Toby will be??? He's a mama's boy!

Oh, by the way, below is a picture of my thermometer showing 102 degrees in the shade this past Sunday!


Michelle said...

I feel your pain on the heat! It rained today. There were these huge thunderboomers and we really thought we would get some relief......nope. It rained just enough to create steam off the roads.

I hate your strawberries, their probably wormy.....

Just kidding, but the evil green monster of jealousy just won't stay packed away!

Nancy said...

Well, looks like you'll just have to come to SC to get some berries of your own! They really are so sweet!!! Bet you can't eat one!
Please don't let them bother you...I still have to clean those 2pails yet and then cut them and juice them for the freezer! That's an awful job!!! But they taste so good in the middle of winter!

We need rain here so badly and would gladly welcome the resulting sauna!



Tracy said...

yikes - that is tooooooo hot!
And, thanks for popping in and leaving such nice comments on my blog. I have to clarify - I have 3 girls! Cami is the youngest, Amberly is the eldest and Kaylyn is in the middle. Here's a post that features Kaylyn:
Now she'll have middle child syndrome if she finds out about this! lol

Diane J. said...

I think I want to be your neighbor. How do you feel about moving to Northeast Arkansas? ;o)

Man, those strawberries look good! I like 'em best fresh, preferably sweet enough that they don't need sugar or anything else on them.

It's been hot here too, mid and upper 90's and miserably humid. We had thunderstorms and rain tonight so it'll probably be even ickier tomorrow, if that's possible.

Hope you have a great weekend, Nancy. :o)

Love and hugs,


Diane said...

It was indeed a great time. The shopping, the fellowship, the strawberries...

Love the pic with Toby. He's such a sweetie...but then all of them are!

Look forward to another Girls Day Out!


Jess said...

Still luvin the kitties...I need to visit for the fur friends and the strawberries...they look so good. I bet it does take alot for all of those cats!

Susie said...

Yum! Fresh strawberries! I could live on most any fresh fruit throughout the summer (love the veggies too)
Glad you had some fun "girl time"

hippochick said...

boy that dessert looks good. so do the berries. your pics are neat, nancy.

i had alittle trouble with my computer this afternoon. hope you got my email.

~hippo hugs~

Mrs Mom said...

Ooo boy Nancy, that Browine Bottom Sundae made my mouth water... hehehe... (I think I felt a pound or three come back on at the mere thought of it, but... who cares? LOL)

I am so behind on catching up with things here, so I hope I have not missed too much fun!

Savannah had some BAD storms yesterday, and we did not get a drop of it here. We could see the storms though, off to the coastal side of 95... A good friend of mine was caught in her barn during it, and counted at least five lightning strikes. Leaves us wondering if we are going to get any rain on the western side of 95! LOL