Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Father's Day Memorial

MY FATHER ~ "Windy" and "Spooky"


Naturally, these two men are my children's grandfathers. They grew up together and so, therefore, knew each other their entire lives. When you live in small little towns just 3 miles apart, everyone knows everyone! Steve would always stop by my parents' home on his way home from the cemetery each week, and sometimes they would have coffee, and sometimes they would just sit in lawn chairs outside and visit and watch people go by.

I do believe my children are well-molded young adults due, in part, to the genes they received from both of these great men. They got their love of animals from my father and their love of God and the Church from my father-in-law. Both grandfathers had a strong work ethic which was also passed on to my children. Their influence played such a big role in my children's lives for many years, even still.

All we have now are the memories of them etched in our hearts forever. I know they are reading over my shoulder as I write this, so I want them to know that they are missed by so many who loved them. Happy Father's Day, Dad and Dad! We miss you!


Mississippi Songbird said...

What a very sweet Memorial post.. Thank you for sharing the memories of your special fathers. Have a Blessed day... Bunches of hugs.....

Diane J. said...

We were blessed to have our fathers and fathers in law as long as we did. Mine was an old coot, but he was MY old coot. ;o)

Hope you have a good Sunday, Nancy.

Love and hugs,


Susie said...

Hi Nancy,
Lovely tribute to both your Dads! I'm still blessed to have my Dad here with me, but Bill's dad has been gone more than 20 yrs.
Hope you have a wonderful dinner and I read on Diane's that you're making strawberry cheesecake. Sounds delish (and perhaps you'll post your recipe someday soon??)
See you when I return from my break.

Sammy said...

Hi Nancy,

Thank you so much for visiting my new blog! I really appreciate the comments you left.

I really know how you feel this father's day. My dad died a few years ago, and I'm definitely thinking about him a lot today and wishing he was here. I definitely got my love of animals from him, as well as many other things.

This post you wrote is very touching. And it's always nice for me to be reminded that I'm not alone in missing my Pop on father's day. So thank you.


hippochick said...

very touching post. good pics og both the fathers. have a happy day.

~hippo hugs~

Diane said...

Beautiful memorial. I know you miss them, but memories are forever!

Jess said...

Beautiful post... Hope your day was wonderful...and hope that your week ahead will be great as well.

Midlife Mom said...

Lovely post Nancy! It makes me think of what a responsibility that Hubby and I have as grandparents to be good examples for our grand kids. I know my grandparents certainly had an influence on me in many different ways.
That brownie delight sure looks yummy!!! Wish I had a brownie mix in the cupboard right now!! :o)