Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Week to Remember

We have had a busy, but fun, time this past week. As you know from my previous post, we have had relatives visiting from Arizona. They arrived a week ago today. Just to recap the week a little, it went like the following:

Sunday, we were invited to the campground where we had a wonderful time catching up on the past 3 years, as we hadn't seen each other for just a little more than 3 years. Ann whipped up some delicious blueberry Belgian waffles in her new waffle maker. She had a variety of toppings, and I must say we did not leave there hungry!

Monday, Memorial Day, Stosh had us to his home for a cookout of NY strip steaks, grilled baked potatoes, corn-on-the-cob, baked beans, dinner rolls and 2 different strawberry desserts, both different with an oreo cookie crust and the other a graham cracker crust.

Tuesday, we had dinner in a little town north of the city at a relatively new restaurant called Copper River Grill. Now let me tell you, that is quite the place to eat! You wouldn't believe the size servings they brought us! Ann had a grilled chicken salad which looked the size of a half basketball, mounded up, Stosh had a grilled chicken Caesar salad, another huge dish, and Lyle and I both chose the 1/2 pounder burger plates, which were just as huge as the salads! We just had to ask for take-home cartons! I have never eaten such a mouth-watering burger in all my life!!!

Wednesday, Stosh picked us all up about 11am, and we got a tour of the city. The city here just goes and goes in all 4 directions! It takes a good half hour to drive in any direction before you get to the outskirts of the city. It wasn't long before everyone was hungry, so we decided to eat at IHOPS. Another great meal!!! We also hit one of the two local Starbucks for coffee later on.

Thursday, I cleaned all day and cooked a sirloin tip roast with potatoes and carrots. I served it with applesauce and warm homemade rolls that I had made that afternoon. For dessert, I had fresh strawberry shortcakes. It's kind of hard to put a meal on the table at my place, as the cats are always all over the place, trying to see what's cooking! I had to get my squirt gun out and get after them a few times! After dinner, I helped Lyle set up a blog! He will be joining the blogging world soon! They have so much to tell, as they have travelled all over the country, so I'm sure he will do a bang-up job writing about their travel experiences. He wants to wait before he publishes his first post until they get back to Arizona in late June as he has photos at home that he would like to put on his blog page. I'll be sure to let you all know when he publishes, and I will also add his blog name to my list.

Friday, Stosh and I were invited to their RV for lunch. Ann told me 12:30, and I said I thought I could make it by then. (I am never anywhere on time, but I really thought I had it all figured out in my head so I could arrive there on time.) I like to sleep in since I don't sleep much during the night, plus I have 2 hours of work scooping litterboxes and feeding cats every morning. And then I need an hour for myself to get showered and ready. Wouldn't you know it....I was late!!! I had called ahead and told Lyle that I was leaving and would be there shortly, as it's only about a 10-minute drive. Well, there must have been an accident as they were diverting all the traffic from the big highway over to my shortcut! I think I sat through that one traffic light about 8 times before I finally got through it! Then came 2 more traffic lights! I never arrived at the campground until 1 o'clock! When I walked in, they all appeared to be waiting on me. You know how you feel when you're late like that? Well, I apologized for being so late and told them about the traffic situation, and they all started to laugh. Then to my surprise, Ann said I was "right on time." The 3 of them had cooked up a little scheme the night before (unbeknownst to me) to tell me lunch would be at 12:30 so I would be there by 1 o'clock, which was actually the time lunch was to be served! They told Stosh 1 o'clock and told me 12:30! LOL

Ann had made the some delectable turkey salad sandwiches with lettuce on some very tasty natural bread, served with potato chips. My, they looked beautiful!!! They were just so-oooo good!!! I can't believe I ate the whole thing!!! I have never had any turkey or chicken salad like that, ever!!! She said she got it at Costco's. If you get to a Costco, try it. It comes in big cans, brand name is Snow, 4 to a pack....oh, my gosh, it's delicious!!! I think I could live on that stuff alone! I am going out tomorrow to get some myself! Then for dessert, she had a choice of rice, chocolate or tapioca pudding! We were absolutely stuffed by the time we finished, believe me!

Later, we all hopped in Stosh's car and decided to go for a ride. He was going to surprise us with the destination. We had no idea where he was taking us! We kind of thought he was taking us back to Starbucks, but he pulled into the plaza where Panera's is located! So we had coffee there and watched the people using their laptops and just chatted some more.

What a great week!!! We thought they were leaving Friday, but they weren't leaving until today, Saturday. They are in Atlanta tonight for their next trade show. I woke up this morning at 9:20 and looked at my clock and thought immediately of them being on the road already. I felt such a sadness and emptiness in my heart, and I cried. We had such a wonderful week of catching up and reminiscing of years gone by, and it's just so hard to see it all end. And we never know when, or if, we will all get together again. Their daughters and families live in Arizona, and that has been their home since 1969 when they moved there from the Rochester, NY area.

I just want to tell you, Ann and Lyle, that Stosh and I both enjoyed every minute we spent with you. I am praying for a safe journey home for you! We love you guys!!! As I stated on my previous post, "Y'all come back now, ya hear?"


Diane J. said...

Boy, y'all did pack a lot into a week, didn't you? ;o)

I guess you'll be trying to recover on Sunday and next week. Hope it's a good new week for you.

I enjoyed your memories of your Mom's cooking for the deer hunters.

Off to check out your recipe blog...

Love and hugs,


hippochick said...

wow, what a fun week. no wonder you are having to work so hard today. thanks for the call. it was really nice talking to you.


Michelle said...

Oh MY GOODNESS>........

If I had that kind of week, I'd be an exhausted mess.

Susie said...

Hi Nancy,
I saw your comment on Midlife Mom's and thought I'd stop in and say hi. (and I see that Diane has been to visit you too)
Enjoyed reading about your weekend.. sounds jam packed and like you had loads of good food. I see you love kitties too. I only have one very spoiled guy but he's a beauty (Maine Coon cat)
Stop in and say hi sometime soon!!

Diane J. said...

Hi, Nancy,

The site where I found my calender is:

There's a big selection of different calendars and other graphics and such that you can find there.

For some reason my Yahoo mail won't send an email to the email address you left on my blog comments. Maybe if you email me from that address and I save it, it might work. I dunno what the problem is with it.

Hope you're having a good week so far!

Love and hugs,


Midlife Mom said...

Hi! Wow you sure had a busy week! That restaurant sounds soooooo good and leftovers to bring home for another meal! That Oreo cookie crust dessert sure sounds good, are you going to post the recipe?
Yes, I read Lyle's blog and he did a wonderful job! I think it's going to be really interesting to read about all of their travels.
Okay now I am new to your blog so I'm trying to put a face to the names and I'm not sure who Stosh is???? Boyfriend? Also what does Ann and Lyle sell at the trade shows? I forgot to ask him in my comment on his blog. Duh!


Thanks for stopping by my blog and visiting. Welcome to the blogosphere. It has been very good therapy for me now that I have no children in the house, just my little dog.
I enjoyed reading your entries. You seem like you are leading a very full life and God has blessed you with wonderful friends and family and children. He takes care of us that way.
I'll stop by and visit again. Hope you have a good day.