Monday, May 5, 2008

"Happy Birthday" to my best friend!

Today is the birthday of my best friend, Rose. So this is my letter to her!

Happy Birthday, Rose!!! Boy, we go way back, don't we? Way back to 1968 when our boys were not quite two years old yet. Where have the years gone???

We had just moved into our new home in Port, and I had met some mothers my age through Tammy being in Story Hour at the library. Elaine mentioned that you liked to sew, as I did. Do you remember the first time we met? We got together over some personalized Christmas cards, remember? Then we started shopping together for fabric all the time. Our friendship just seemed to blossom over the years. We chatted every morning for hours by phone, and then Wednesdays you always came to my home after your hair appointment for coffee or pepsi. The shopping trips to Bradford, Olean, Warren, etc. are still fresh in my mind, even after all these years!

Our boys had their spats, but we never let it affect our friendship. They were kids growing up, and we were the adults. We were the sun worshippers while the boys played. How we hustled to get our daily work done each morning so we could get in the sun to get that tan!

Then after 15 or 16 years, your husband was transferred to Illinois and then later, mine to South Carolina. At the time, I thought the world was coming to an end! But we never allowed our friendship to die. We ended up in Muncie and then moved back to SC, and now you are in Muncie!!! Strange how things worked out, huh?

I just want you to know how much your friendship meant to me back in those days and even now! I think of you as a sister and always will. I hope this day is a happy one for you. Tell Orval he'd better be "good" to you today! I'll be calling you before the day is over.

Today is also my father-in-law's birthday. And also Erma's from back home in PA, who was like a second mother to me from the time I was like four years old. May God rest their souls.

Have a good one, Rose!!! I'm so glad you're still my friend!!! Distance is just a measurement of miles on a map, but we still hold that special closeness in our hearts. Happy Birthday, Rose, and many, many more!!! Wish I was there so we could do lunch today! You have been a true friend only God could have sent!

Love ya!


hippochick said...


I love these posts. The pic of the Club is wonderful. I remember all the fun we had there. Dancing in the room with the jukebox, bowling, just standing on the porch hoping some cool guys would come along. It is sooo sad that building was destroyed. I still miss it.

thanks for the memories. I love the pics of your kids and your Mom and Dad. How wonderful!! What a trip down memory lane.

Keep on posting.


Nancy said...

I thought about the jukebox after I had already posted! We did have fun, didn't we? I remember hurrying with homework so I could head to town at 6 every night to the "club." Glad you enjoyed the trip down "Memory Lane." Could this be a sign of our age??? LOL