Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Friend, Ruth

Please allow me to introduce my wonderful friend, Ruth. Ruth is a widow who lives alone. Her only daughter lives in another state, as do her six grandchildren, so she and I get together as often as we can. There is quite a story behind this grand lady.

I met Ruth several years ago through her sister, Myrtle, who is also a grand lady and wonderful friend of mine. (I have known Myrtle for over 10 years now and will write about her someday whenever I can get her to slow down long enough so I can sneak a photo of her.) Ruth lives just a mile down the road from me. Myrtle had been telling me about her sister who had lived in Bradford, PA for over 40 years. I had shopped many times in Bradford, never suspecting that I would someday meet a wonderful lady from there. Myrtle asked me the name of the town where I had lived in Pennsylvania. Well, come to find out, Ruth and I had lived just 25 miles from one another for years but never met until we both had moved to South Carolina! Talk about a small world!

My mother and Ruth became friends when my mom would be here from PA visiting from time to time. They went to church together, church luncheons, out to lunch, shopping, etc. Now since my mom has passed away, Ruth has, more or less, taken me under her motherly wing. So now we go to lunch from time to time. She is teaching me all the "senior" perks, i.e. discount drinks, 25-cent senior drinks at Hardees, 10% off on meals, senior seminars where you get a free lunch or dinner after listening to a 45-minute speech by someone trying to sell you something, getting me signed up for other discounts, etc. We also visit the mausoleum together as her husband is just a few feet from where my mother is. This lady has run errands for me when my legs just wouldn't move somedays. She is always leaving something stuck in my door for me to read. We kind of check on each other to make sure we have our eyes open every day, too! She stops by from time to time, and we enjoy sitting on my front porch and visiting.

So last Thursday, I saw on the internet where the McDonalds all over the country were giving away free chicken sandwiches, to introduce it as a new menu item, so I called her, and we decided to meet at 4 and take advantage of this freebie! You had to purchase a drink in order to get the free sandwich. She tried to get us "senior" drinks, but the clerk said the drinks had to be regular-priced drinks in order to get the free sandwich. So she told the gal what she thought about that! LOL Anytime you go out with Ruth, you are entertained in one way or another.

While we were at McDonalds, an older gentleman "hit" on Ruth! He tried to strike up a conversation with her, but it didn't work. She said she wasn't interested in any man, least of all a bald-headed one! I'm sure he must have heard her! LOL

I always enjoy the time I spend with Ruth. We laugh, eat, laugh, shop, laugh some more and just have fun together. If I didn't have all these cats, she and I would be heading to Cherokee, NC to the casinos! On a serious note, both she and Myrtle have been Godsends to me. Two grand ladies!!!


Diane said...

I know you must enjoy Ruth a lot. She sounds like quite the character. Laughing is the heart beat of life!

The perks of "senior" life is well deserved. I want to hit retirement with eyes wide open and hopefully in good health. The church seniors' group is so active...I would love to go on some of their trips...LOL. That'll come soon enough.

Can't wait to see a post about Myrtle. I've met her once, but talked to her on the phone numerous times when she's called from the newspaper. She could sell ice to eskimos!

Mississippi Songbird said...

AWWWW, thats' so sweet./ Sounds like you two have so much fun together.. I hope you have something fun planned for the Memorial Day weekend.. Whatever you decide to do, stay safe and God Bless you.. Bunches of hugs....

Midlife Mom said...

What a blessing to have a friend like that! It sounds like you two are two peas in a pod and have lots of good times together. I have some dear friends that make me laugh more then anything and laughter is good for anything that ails us! lol! Thanks for sharing this with us and we will look forward to hearing all about Myrtle!

Midlife Mom said...

I just checked back on my previous post and saw that you left a comment. You are my hero! What a good person you are to take care of all the feral cats that are in your area!!! I only have two right now and they came from a shelter but have had many in years past that came to us and we took them in and had them until they died of old age. They don't have a voice so need people to speak for them and take care of them. People that don't spay and neuter their animals make me very angry. My sister has had nine living under her mobile home all winter that came from a neighbor that just lets her cats breed and breed. GRRRRRRRRRR!!!! They would have all starved if my sister hadn't taken care of them. Thank you for doing all that you do!!!! :O)

Michelle said...


please do drop by my blog anytime! I look forward to your comments. I have added you to the blog roll.

AND, you're a Southern Gal!

hippochick said...

I envy you your relationship with Ruth. My friend, Florence, who has Alzheimer's was that friend to me. I miss those days when we could talk and laugh together. I know you cherish your times with Ruth.

Michelle said...

Nancy, we'll forgive you for being a Yankee.......Someday


Michelle said...

I owe you an apology.

You are truly the more "southern" lady. I fake it

I am an immigrant.........

Now let me show you my version of Steel Magnolias and make you some fried green tomatoes!

I have a blogger who makes THE BEST Coca Cola BBQ in the crockpot and pimento cheese spread and FRIED OKRA (love her, hate the veggie)...

It is so nice to meet you.

Oh, by the way.if you have recipes...please share!


Diane J. said...

Hi Nancy, and thanks for visiting and commenting on my "100 Things" blog. Glad you enjoyed it. :o)

My blog "Diane's Place" is where I post regularly. Hope you drop by and enjoy it as well.

Your friend Ruth sounds like quite a character and I can see why you love spending time with her.

I'm a cat lover too! I have 2 that allow me to live here, feed them and clean their litter box. Actually, I love all animals. Really, even snakes and rats and such as that.

Happy Friday, and hope you have a good weekend.



Tracy said...

Sounds like a great gal! I just got that coupon in the mail yesterday (MdD's). I'll think of Ruth when I use it! lol