Saturday, May 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, Son!

This is my letter to my son who celebrated his 42nd birthday yesterday, May 16...

Dear Tim,

Where have the years gone??? It seems like just yesterday that you were that crying little bundle of joy who kept us awake night after night after night. I don't think you ever slept through the night until you were nearly 5 years old. Guess you inherited that from me...we are still night owls, aren't we?

You were really an enjoyable child while growing up. You were an impish tyke at times, though. You made us so proud many times throughout the years. When I found out that I was expecting you and still had a baby in arms, I thought to myself, "Oh, how will I ever manage with two babies so close together?" With two in diapers and two on bottles, it seemed like the work would never end each day. We didn't have disposable diapers back then, either. I am so glad it happened that you two were just 17 months apart, as you grew up being the best of friends and still are. I couldn't have planned it any better had I done the planning myself. The good Lord knew what he was doing...there's no doubt in my mind about that now.

I remember the night you were born. I was in the doctor's office at 9 o'clock, and he sent me on to the hospital, assuring me that I would be holding my baby in my arms by midnight. We arrived at the hospital within minutes. There I was, sitting on my suitcase while your dad was signing the admittance papers. They finally got me in a bed at 9:30. It wasn't but about 10 minutes when they wheeled me into the delivery room. The doctor wasn't there waiting like I had expected him to be. The nurse left me alone to go get him (he was putting his "greens" on) and by the time he came into the delivery room, you were already born! I was hanging onto you for dear life! You were born at 9:50pm that evening, just you and me, all alone, when you made your grand entrance into this world. I didn't know if you were a boy or a girl until the doctor told me. Your dad and I both wanted a boy since we already had a little girl, but mostly, we just wanted you to be a healthy baby, and we were blessed with just that. I have thought of that night so many times over the years.

You have been my backbone during some difficult times in my life these past 10 years, and I would like to think that I have been there for you, too. I couldn't imagine my life without you. And it goes without saying how proud I am of you, from your childhood right on through college and into adulthood. You have grown into a strong, wonderful, sensitive man, so caring of others, and also of animals. You have always been a little impatient, even on the night you were born. I admire you for your integrity and honesty, but most of all, for your strong faith in God.

I wish I could have posted more photos of you, but all of our family albums are at Tammy's yet. Someday, I will add a few more....

Happy Birthday, and always remember how much you are loved! Thank you being the wonderful son that you are. I love you!



Diane said...

How precious! Love the letter to Tim. I'm sure he's going to cherish it forever. You have two loving children and are blessed!

hippochick said...

What a cute little guy he was. Sounds like a wonderful, loving son too. I think you are truly blessed with your children. I loved the post.

Happy birthday, Tim.