Thursday, April 24, 2008

Updates on "Sweet Pea" and "Punky"

Well, one more radiation treatment after today for "Sweet Pea." Poor little thing...she's not very happy this week. Tomorrow will be treatment #19, her final one. Her skin is getting quite sore, and she's been giving them a hard time this week. The oncologist started her on prednisone last week and pain medication every 8 hours this week. The pain med has lessened her pain considerably, as she has calmed down quite a bit, so she has been behaving much better the last couple of days. So with the 2 meds and then the flushing of her IV catheter every 6 hours, my daughter has had her hands full. Plus, "Sweet Pea" has been hiding under a bed every morning as she knows she will be placed in her carrier and has to go back to "that place." Our hearts just ache for her! Then in a week or so, they will do another CT scan on her to see if the radiation has helped her. My son called from Florida and said "Punky's" tumor in her mouth is still shrinking! So the treatments have certainly helped her, at least temporarily. This has been a very stressing 4 weeks, not just for the kitties but also for all of us. Tomorrow we meet with the oncologist and are anxious to see what she has to say! These little girls hold a special place in our hearts, and it has been a very emotional time for us all. If only they knew that we are trying to help them....


Diane said...

I'm sure Sweet Pea will be happier when all of this is over. We have to pray for her comfort. Some say "it's an animal!". It's God's creatures and it's up to us to look after them.

How wonderful that you've been there for Sweet Pea and Punky, not to mention Tammy and Tim. A loving, caring mother to share comforting words means the world. It's what makes a family a family.

hippochick said...

You sure have your hands full these days. I'm sure you'll be glad when all the treatments are completed.

While you're caring for others, be sure to take care of yourself.