Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Big Dog

I couldn't believe my eyes last Monday when this little lady walked in with this huge dog! This is the biggest dog I have seen at Upstate Veterinary Specialists. What a charmer! He is just 6 years old and suffering from colon cancer. Such a wonderful dog! The lady seemed sad, as is everyone I have met there. This was Kyle's first trip there. He was just so-oooo soft and cuddly feeling! He was white as driven snow and just as clean, too! The gentleman in the background was waiting for his dog to come out of treatment. I have certainly met some wonderful people in that waiting room, all with sad stories of their own beloved pets.
What a big boy! Looks more like a polar bear than a dog! I just had to share these pics. Forgive me for so many posts about animals, but I have been involved in animal rescue for close to 8 years now. I have saved a lot of them from certain death at the shelter, as most all of them were ferals and would have been put down immediately. My ex-husband and I worked the Cat Show at our auditorium downtown one year, and got several cats adopted out. There were so many gorgeous cats from all over the U.S. there for judging, and there we were with the little shelter kitties, beautiful in our eyes, who so desperately needed homes. We got them all adopted and then were sending people to our shelter to adopt. It really warms my heart to find a good home for an unwanted animal. At times, I wish I lived on a farm where I could have as many as I wanted!
When we were kids growing up, we could keep whatever we brought home, so we had quite a menagerie of pets, from chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, pigs, cats, dogs, and even a pony over the years. My dad was an animal lover, as was my grandmother, and guess I have passed it on now to my own children. And I am glad that I have!


hippochick said...

What a beautiful dog. I'd love to pet him. Jim and I were talking about your dog Duchess the other day. We saw a boxer and I said it made me think of Duchess.

Nancy said...

This white dog just loved attention! He was just magnificient, really!

I didn't realize you remembered Dutchess. She was one of the best! Poor ole girl...she had been abused when my dad took her. The night we went to see her, she was tied on a 3-foot chain in a cold garage in Port and had nothing to even lay on (not even a rug!) except the cold concrete floor in that garage! And it was in the wintertime, too! The woman said, "Oh, I forgot to feed her today." It was 10pm at the time!!! My dad didn't even think twice when he said, "Yes, we'll take her!" He didn't even ask my mom's permission! LOL But she was a great dog!

Diane said...

What a beautiful dog! It's huge. My goodness, it's always so good to see people who love animals. They'll have a special place in heaven.

Britinia Galvin said...

What kind of dog is this? It's sooooo cute!!!!