Friday, April 18, 2008

Punky has returned home

Well, Punky is back home with her "Pops" now! She was one happy little girl when she saw him Wednesday, after being here with me for 16 days. She completed her radiation treatments and had good results! The tumor in her mouth and jaw has shrunk considerably! She seems to be happy and has a good appetite, too. This may have bought her a little more time, at least that is what we are hoping for.

She and I finally bonded again. Normally, she doesn't like me as I had always been the one who cleaned and scraped her teeth, but I do believe that she knew I was trying to help her this time. You will notice in this kitten photo of her that her left eye was sore, as she was one sick little kitty when we got her from our local shelter almost 17 years ago.

She is quite the seasoned little traveler and loves to ride in the car. She will be heading back to Florida later this afternoon where she is Vice President of my son's company. The business would fold without her help! LOL I just hope she knows how much her Grammy loves her.....

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Diane said...

I'm sure that Punky and Tim were happy to be reunited. I hope they have much more time together. Punky is a tough little kitty, no doubt. Keep us posted!