Thursday, April 3, 2008

Radiation Day 3

Well, Day 3 is underway! The radiation was started on Tuesday for both cats. We had to leave them there all day that first day, as we were told it would be an all day thing, getting them set up and all that. It wasn't long after I got home that they called to tell me that "Sweet Pea" had developed a heart murmur just since the day before, and they needed permission to do an EKG on her before putting her under anesthesia. So it was done (another $360!!), things looked okay, so they started her first treatment that day. I was told that the heart murmur possibly was caused by the anesthesia she was given on Monday for her second CT scan. Also, the radiation, I was told, would be $6,100 instead of the original quote of $6,000. Plus, there will be "incidental" charges in addition to the actual radiation cost. Below is a photo of my son's cat, "Punky," who is receiving radiation for a jawbone tumor. Her precious little face is all marked up with a blue marker for the treatments. She is so content in her little bed, which is like a security blanket to her. She just loves her little bed! But, as you can see, she's not too happy with me invading her privacy to snap this photo. (She was growling at me, so I was shaking when I took it!) But in time, she may come around like she has in the past, especially when I feed her some cooked chicken or ham. For a 17-year old cat, she looks really good. She has the longest hair....we measured a hair from her tail one time, and it was actually 8 inches long! She really is a very beautiful cat, when she's not around me. If I have her with me very long, I think she will adjust to me as she has in the past. Her next step after radiation is chemo, which will be done intravenously every 2 weeks. They usually give them a resting time of 1-2 weeks after radiation before starting the chemo. They know now what they're in for every morning, as both of them hovered down in their carriers this morning when we got in the exam room. Just pitiful! They don't know we're trying to help them. It is so hard to put them through this every day....but we have to keep our hopes up that this will put their cancers in remission. The radiation is supposed to stop "Punky's" tumor from growing and also stop any pain she may be having. She is on pain medication every 8 hours, just in case she is hurting, and we were told that she must be feeling some discomfort from the tumor. Now that's another story getting that medication in her! I have to cover my arm and hand with a heavy towel to even get close to her. Then I hold her by the scruff of the neck to keep her from biting me, and then I can squirt the medicine into the back of her mouth. (I get a little rush of adrenaline every time!) Hope to post her darling kitten photo next time. She was pitiful back then, too, with an infected eye when we got her from our local shelter, but she was a cute little kitty! She's been in our family almost 17 years now, and it's so hard not to try anything that could possibly help her and "Sweet Pea." We are praying for 2 miracles......

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