Monday, April 27, 2009

Update on Cookie

Miss Cookie
(One happy, contented kitty! And feeling much better, too!)

Just a little update.....I received a call this morning that Miss Cookie had a good night, was breathing well on her own without the oxygen, wasn't eating much at all for them, was hiding under her towel in the oxygen cage, and that she could come home! I have to follow her up with my vet here on Monday, though. What a professional place! I came home with literally pages of printed material about feline heart problems, just so much information!

Well, since I only had 2 hours of sleep last night, I had to take a little nap after the daily A.M. cat care routine was finished. Then I got my shower and got ready to head off to Greenville to bring her home! Again, once I arrived there, I had a long wait. They were so busy with injured and sick animals. One little long-haired chihuahua had gotten into rat poison! He was adorable!!! His name was George and just 2 years old. I don't know why I didn't think to get a picture of him!!! He had the biggest round eyes that actually looked human! Gee, he was soooo cute! Later, much later, when I was leaving with Cookie, I ran into his owner in the parking lot, and she said they had induced vomiting and had brought the poison up but not sure if they got it all. He will be on Vit. K therapy for 14 days and also a good dose of charcoal to absorb any leftover poison in his stomach. I sure hope and pray the little fella pulls through! So many people love their pets and will do anything to save them. This place had technicians everywhere today! One busy place!!!

Anyhow, once they brought Cookie in to me in her carrier, she was one happy little girl! I had to wait for the vet to come in for consult, so I played with her while I waited. She got her tummy rubs, and, oh, how she purred!!! Bless her little heart! She was so happy to see me, and I, her! I could have cried, as she was so happy! I took a few pics of her laying in her carrier...she was so relaxed. Then, finally, the vet came into the exam room. She seems to be certain that Cookie has a heart condition as they detected a heart murmur today, a sure sign in cats. She said the lungs had settled down and were not crackling today, so she got a good listen to her heart. The left ventricle isn't functioning correctly. She said heart problems can be treated in cats with great results for many years sometimes. Our next move is to wait for the cyntology report to come back on the fluid...then an EKG to be done in Greenville one day this week just to see what is going on with her heart. I never anticipated any major health problems in a 3-year-old cat!

She rode in the front seat facing me as I drove home, and we had a non-eventful trip home, except she couldn't wait and wet in her carrier on the beach towel. No big deal! She had quite a time digging away! LOL Anyhow, she was one happy little gal to get back in her own environment! I immediately fed her, and she ate like a little pig! She is now sacked out up on top of the ferret cage. I doubt that she got much sleep at the clinic. She is thin from not eating for the past 3 days, but she will gain it back. She is just the sweetest little kitty, especially for being a feral. So for now, she is back home and doing well at the moment. Thank you, Lord! The other cats growled at her, as they can smell the hospital scent on her. In a couple of days, things should get back to normal as far as them all getting along again.

Well, that's the latest from Nancy's Little Cathouse in 'Dixie' for now!


Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, I've been so behind visitng. I am glad to know that Miss Cookie is home and eating like a little piggie! I hope she will continue to feel well. I didn't know about heart conditions in cats, but am glad to hear that it can be treated so well.



Mrs Mom said...

Yay Cookie! I am glad she is home and doing so well Miss Nancy. Please rub her pretty little kitty tummy from me too!

Now you go rest up a bit, and take good care of yourself Miss Nancy!

Lib said...

Hi NAncy,
THats great news!:o)
Now take some Nancy time a rest and have a great wk.!

Patty said...

Glad Cookie is home and doing ok at the moment. Good luck with her.

Sammy said...

I'm so glad to hear Cookie is okay!

Yes, it's amazing how much we love our pets. Last week my sister had to take her beloved kitty to the vet for a suspected tumor. My sister was beside herself for days. Luckily, her kitty is just fine. Turns out he has food allergies, not a tumor! What a relief.

I always like hearing from Nancy's Little Cathouse in Dixie! :-)

Sharon said...

So glad to hear the Cookie is doing better.
We sure do get attached to our pets
they become part of the family very quickly.
God bless

Jess said...

So glad she is better and home...but how are you doing?

Gramma Ann said...

I'm glad to hear Miss Cookie is doing better and is home.

Now, Miss Nancy needs to look after herself and get rested.

Diane said...

I'm SO behind. I'm only reading the latest posts on folks--when I get a moment--so I was sorry that you had had a sick baby. I'll say prayers for both of you. Seems you spend lots of time @ the vets between your babies and your grandbabies. What a Godsend you are to animals...

Reva said...

Ouch, no fun for kitty and definitely no fun for you, emotionally or in the pocketbook.
Hope things turn out for the better when they do the tests and no matter what, you can rest knowing that you are providing her with a happy home and cat friendly environment.

hippo chick said...

I keep checking every other day to see what's up with you. I was also glad to see Diane had posted again. You southern gals are special to me.

~hippo hugs~

Winifred said...

I hope she's still keeping well. I'm still lighting the candles!

badit said...

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badit said...

Hi Nancy...your much a cat lover....if you dont mind...try to check this 24/7 live cam of cats....from a rescue center in Defiance, Ohio called Friends of Felines Rescue's the link