Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Guest Bath Update, 206-Pound Dog, and Button Thank You's!

Well, believe it or not, I am back to working on my guest bath! I have been putting it off since I discovered that this new batch of tile I purchased is different from the first batch I got for my foyer. That tile was a two-tone, and this new tile is basically all one color, although it is still textured. Same pattern name, just a different batch! But I finally did get the tile started today! Below is a laser square/level, absolutely the best little tool for laying ceramic tile! If you look closely, you will see the red laser line that gets your tile job started straight and square. It's just getting started that I dread! Once I get started, I could lay tile all day long...but my back can't take the bending all day long! LOL Anyhow, I've got it started, so it's all downhill from here on in! Hooray!!!

I think the hardest part of tile laying is getting the bottom of the casings cut off so that the tile can be slipped under it as shown below. This makes for a much neater job than just nipping it to fit 'around' the casing. And that nipper tool is hard for a woman to use, too!

Below is where I laid out just 4 pieces to make sure it would come out right in the doorway. As you can see, I have cardboard laid over the floor so I can keep my feet clean...ha-ha The floor has been scrubbed with straight bleach, but I still don't like to stand on it in my bare feet! I still have 4 more squares of vinyl to remove yet, too, but still using it to stand on, also. My knees are not much good anymore, so I do all this tile work standing on my feet, bending from the waist.

Below are the first 4 pieces I laid! I did a 5th one before quitting this afternoon, and I plan to work in there some more later tonight yet. I am a fussy worker, so this job will take me awhile to complete. Before setting a tile in the cement adhesive, I square each piece and then level each one. I plan to lay all the full pieces before doing any cutting. I bought one of those electric table ceramic saws that you have to hook a water hose up to, so all the cutting will be done at one time, and one time only! I don't plan to lug that thing out to my patio every time I need to make a custom cut. But at least I've got the tile started!!! LOL Then comes the new baseboard and shoe molding...and then the plumber!!! Woo-Hoo!!!

This past Monday, the 6th, we had to take Buster and Sweet Pea back to the oncologist's for their checkups. On days when they have vet appointments, my daughter puts them both in her bonus room when she leaves for work. Sweet Pea is easy to get into her carrier, but Buster is a hider! We couldn't find him anywhere!!! Finally, I looked behind the computer desk and saw a black mass. I knew the cords wouldn't be solid black like that. Sure enough, it was him! Well, he had gotten himself in and under a shelf back of the desk, and with all the cords, it was impossible to pull him out by his back legs. So the only way we could get him out was by moving the desk out. Talk about heavy! Wow! That thing was really a devil to move! And then Buster was a little devil to get out, too! We finally got on the road but ended up being late for their appointments.

Their reports were very encouraging! Sweet Pea is doing phenomenal! Her lung x-rays were clear! Her liver and kidneys are normal yet, too. She is now one year post-radiation!!! Buster just had to have his regular bloodwork done this week to see how his system was tolerating the chemo...and the report came back that he is doing great! So he is on for Round 3 of chemo next Monday!

When we walked in the door, this is what greeted us! This Great Dane's name is "Marcus." He weighed in at 206 pounds, and his owner said he'd lost a few pounds! He has lymphoma, same as Buster. He is 6 1/2 years old. This lady told us the life span of a Great Dane is between 6 and 8 years. He is just one of three great danes in that household! The others weigh 120 and 160, so Marcus is, by far, the largest of the three. He was a friendly guy despite his scary size! He is also receiving chemo but was there that day to be treated for diarrhea. Notice in the first pic below that he is actually sitting in that chair and that his feet are actually off the floor!

Look at how big his head is compared to his owner's! She said they are fed twice a day....2 cups of dry food and half a can of wet food at each feeding.

And this last pic is my absolute favorite! He really was a great dog! He was as gentle as he was big! God bless you, Marcus.....


And now I need to acknowledge and say "thank you" to these great blogging friends! This first button is from Pea..."Sweet Pea" at Pea's Corner. You are so creative, Pea! You always make such pretty buttons for your readers! Thank you, Pea!

This next button is from Mary at Mary's Writing Nook. This button is adorable and makes me think of you working on your children's stories! Thank you, Mary!

This darling Easter button is from Hootin' Anni. This is just so sweet, just like Anni! She always comes up with cute buttons for all her readers! Thank you, Anni!

And this next one is from Mary of Mary's Writing Nook. You can tell Mary writes children's books, can't you? She is giving us a little of our childhood back when we all believed in the Easter Bunny! Thank you, dear Mary!

And this is the most recent one I received, and it is from Pea at Pea's Corner! Absolutely adorable!!! Thank you, Pea!

And now I would like to wish you all a very Happy Blessed Easter!


Hootin' Anni said...

....same goes from me to you....Have a blessed, peaceful holiday Nancy!!

I see you've been quite busy. We had kitchen tiles laid for us a couple of years ago, and I swear, you've made a deep impression on me today. You're doing this by yourself? Wow....great work. And you will be so pleased when it's done. I too can understand your back pain...Bud and I are tearing off the old patio roof's a lot of work, and hard on the back and neck, but oh what wonderful light we have now coming in from the patio to the dining room. It's all worth the work and tiring efforts.

Take it easy and don't forget to take much needed breaks now and then!!

Gramma Ann said...

What a busy lady you are! I'm glad to hear the kittens are doing well and the pictures of the Great Dane, priceless! ;)

mommaof3 said...

i love the pics of the great dane.
ive been either spending time with my grandma are crochet a afghan are taking care of some kittens lol

Lib said...

Hi Nancy,
Love your tile.I admire you!
Love the pics.
And that Buster!Lol
Have a great Easter & WK.end!

Renie Burghardt said...

Wow, Nancy, you are quite the tile layer! You seem to know your stuff, like a professional.

So glad to hear that both Sweet Pea and Buster are doing well. Thank the good Lord for that.

And, whoa, now that's what I'd call a lot of dog! But I know Great Danes are big lovable babies, since I have a friend that has one. Marcus is adorable!!

And last but not least, Have a Happy Easter, Nancy!

Bunny Hugs!!!


Diane@Diane's Place said...

You're making good progress on the bathroom project. I've helped lay tile so I know it's backbreaking work and hard on the knees too! Lookin' good! :o)

I'm glad the kitties got good reports.

Marcus is a lot of dog, that's for sure! Hard to believe that's all he eats every day. Seems like it would be much more.

Hope you have a Happy Easter too, Nancy.

Love and hugs,


Monogram Queen said...

Happy Easter Nancy!

Just reading about your tile laying makes me tired!

So glad to hear the kitties are doing okay!
That is one big dog. Beautiful. I don't know as i'd like to have one with such a short lifespan BUT what lifespan are any of god's creatures "promised"? :)

Sammy said...

Oh, that Great Dane is just the sweetest! They are such great dogs. I love the photo of him sitting in the chair!

I'm SO IMPRESSED with your renovation abilities! Can't wait to see the final product!

I'd love to hear how you got involved in cat rescue sometime! :-)

Mary said...


You're doing a great job with the ceramic tile. I can't imagine how you do it with bad knees. I was pretty much out of it the last two days and on Thursday, after school, Brandon came for supper and to spend the night. He was a good help.

Wow! Marcus is huge. Dakota actually played with a Great Dane at the dog park. He would only be a mouthful for the dog, but they had fun playing...jumping and barking at one another. He wasn't the least afraid, which really amazed me. That would be like us looking at someone 10 feet tall. LOL

Glad your kitties are doing well. I wish you and yours a blessed Easter weekend.

Please stop by my Writing Nook. I have a surprise for you there.


Hootin' Anni said...

Hi again, Nancy...
Just wanted to stop by and send along my congratulations on winning Mary's book giveaway!!!

[and yes, to reply to your comment you left for me the other day...we DO love to do work around our home by is not only a learning experience, but it's also a treat to our egos when it's done and it looks great!]

Reva said...

Wow, what an adventure just to go to the vet,and what a giant great dane. So hansome sitting there so polite.
Isn't it wonderful when we women realize we really can do housefold projects by ourselves and really enjoy it? Great going.

Jess said...

Hey nancy... glad that the fur child is doing so much better and your tile work is great! Awesome job...really.

The great That's all I can

Have a wonderful week and I hope that you had a great Easter.

Lots of love to you and yours

PEA said...

Happy belated Easter, dear Nancy:-) It's taking me a while to get to everyone after having taken a little bloggy break over the Easter weekend!!

I'm so impressed that you're doing the laying of those ceramic tiles yourself. I've put down vinyl tiles which are so easy in comparison but don't know if I'd attempt ceramic ones! lol No doubt you will be very happy to have it all done. When I did the vinyl tiles, I did it sitting down and bending over at the waist or on my knees...if I didn't have bad knees before I sure did after that!!! lol

Such wonderful news about Buster and Sweet Pea having such great results, long may they continue that way! Bless your heart for taking in all those babies and giving them love like they've never known before.

Omigosh, look at the size of that dog! How I would have loved to have met him, he looks awesome. You'd almost need a huge house to keep dogs of that size!!

You are more than welcome for the buttons, I so enjoy making them for my blogging friends:-) xoxo

Midlife Mom said...

So glad that Sweet Pea and Buster got good reports! That must have been a relief! May they continue to do well and have a long life!!!!

Now that is one big dog! You could put a saddle on him and give kids a ride! I've heard that they are just the nicest dogs with great dispositions. Thank you so much for taking the pictures so that we could see Marcus!

How did you learn how to do all the tile stuff?! That is just amazing, I would be totally lost and crying in the corner if I had to put tile down! lol! Must be so hard on your back and knees. Glad you do a bit at a time and not try to do the whole floor in one session!

Yes, it's been a sad week around here. I feel so sorry for all of them but especially my neighbor whose husband took his own life. She is just devastated and rightly so. He sure left her in a mess, her life as she knows it will never be the same again. Thank you for prayers for all of them. :o)

Merle said...

Dear Nancy ~~ I have finally caught yp with the posts I missed when I had so many visitors. I am so glad that your Kitties are doing well.
Your tiles look great and you are doing a good job, but I worry you are over-doing it my friend.
Do take your time and be sure to get some rest between working hours.
I am so happy to be feeling much better the last few days and getting back to myself. I am glad you enjoy the jokes. Please take great care dear friend.Love,Merle.

BClark said...

Dear Nancy,

So glad your kittys are doing so well. That dog is amazing, large dogs have such a short life expectancy. They are usually the most gentle also, I have yearned for an Irish Wolfhound. there used to be a man who had a pair of them in Boston and would walk them on the common. I have never particularly cared for the little yappy ones. Good luck with your floor, I would drive you crazy. I am a slapdash type person, too impatient to be so careful. Love Ya

hippo chick said...

Wow! You do good work, lady. I am really, really impressed.

I love the dog pictures. Paige's, Boomer, is 160 pounds and I think he is big. Great Danes are really loving and gentle dogs.

Glad to hear the good news about the kitties. Isn't it funny (or not so much) how they can hide when they know they are going to the Vet? Gretchen's cats are just awful to get into the car and to the Vet.

Take care and don't work too long or too hard on that floor.

~hippo hugs~

Sharon said...

I just popped over from Sweet Pea to say Happy Birthday to you.
I really do admire what you are doing in your bathroom.
I could never do that at all. I am very dangerous with heavy equipment.Lol
Have a great birthday!!!
God bless

Lib said...

Happy birthday Dear Nancy!
Have a great day!

Jess said...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday Dear Nancy....
Happy Birthday to you!!!

And many more...

Love you

Lucy Stern said...

I want to see some new pictures of that bathroom.

Mary said...


I didn't know you were celebrating a birthday. Happy belated Birthday, my dear friend. I hope you had a wonderful day.