Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tile and Pets Update

Just a quick update! I have received several emails from blogger friends asking how the bath redo was coming along. Well, this was taken April 13th, and, since then, I have only laid 2 more tiles! Yes, I know, I am a slow worker, but I have been experiencing some heart problems again so decided to just take it easy for awhile.
Notice Oliver's tail in the pic. He is on special food to help prevent further kidney stone formation, and I feed him in this guest bathroom. He has his own little litterbox in there, too. This is HIS room and HIS only! He loves it in there! It was kind of funny to watch him the first time he walked in there on the new tiles...he kind of "pussy-footed" ever so slowly as he entered!
Every day this week, my ex and I have planned on getting the new saw set up and to do all the special cuts, but the pressure washers have been washing the exteriors of our homes here. For 2 days now, I was told by this guy that he would finish up. I need my front porch to set the saw up on, and it will be wet when he gets done washing out there...I have outdoor carpeting on that porch. (This is an electric saw, and we don't really wish to stand on wet ground while using it!) So we had to cancel the sawing both yesterday and today. And now today, my front was not washed again! So I suppose he will be here tomorrow, but we are planning on doing the sawing then, anyhow! I am tired of delaying it, and I am ready to get this tile job done!!! Do I need to say more? LOL I am anxious to get it grouted and the new baseboard and quarter round molding down.

Now on to my daughter's cats....GREAT NEWS!!!

Sweet Pea and Buster

We had them to Greenville to the specialists' place last week. Sweet Pea is clear of cancer, and she is now 12 months post-radiation!!! Buster also had his ultrasound and chest x-rays done last week, and he is free of all cancer, too!!! The lymph node that was cancerous is not showing up as cancer now at all! This new type of chemo they are using on him is working! It is called cobalt something or other...I can't recall the proper name right now. It does not affect him in any way at all...he has not been sick one minute from it. His ultrasound was clear after just 2 treatments! And since his checkup, he received treatment #3 last Friday...with just 2 more to go! So that was the best news we could have heard!!! So all in all, things are beginning to look up in my neck of the woods here in Dixie! And now temps are to be in the low 80's this weekend, so who could ask for anything more???

I do want to thank you all for the birthday wishes yesterday! My daughter had a birthday dinner for me on Sunday, but I did not get any pictures. Too much talk and chatter, and I totally forgot! Another year older, another year wiser, and another year more forgetful!!! LOL

Wishing you all a wonderful, fun-filled weekend, too!


Jess said...

Hi glad that the kitties are doing well..and I will keep you in my prayers with your condition.

Hope you get the tile done soon.

Love, Jess

Mrs Mom said...

Lookin Good there Miss Nancy! And please, take care of yourself up there. We worry about you!!


Gramma Ann said...

Hi Nancy,

So sorry to hear you are having more health problems, but glad to hear the kittens are doing so good. Take care of yourself and be happy! ;)


Lib said...

Hi Nancy,
So sorry to hear you're not feeling well!
Glad to hear the good news about the fur babies:o)
Have a great rest of the wk.

Mary said...


You be sure to take care of yourself. I'm sorry that your heart is acting up again. I continue to pray for you.

Great that the kitties are cancer free.

BClark said...

I will add my two cents worth, you are so much more important then tile jobs, dust bunnies and anything else. Please make yourself number one! By the way the tiles look awsome, but if you are not here to enjoy them then it is a waste. Ya Hear!
Great news about the cats, wonderful and what lucky furbabies they are.
In answer to your question I have 9 goats. The others were on the other side of tree trunk. Miss Comet is doing the balancing act, Valentine is the spotted one, Milky way is peeking over Valentine's back and to the left is Star. They are all such babies, Comet greets me each day to have her head scratched. Milky Way and Star were my first two, they are the ones I walked on leashes. Be Well, Barbara

Susie said...

Hi Nancy,
Glad you had a fun birthday :)
Your bath remodel is coming along great, but to echo the other commenters, you need to make your health the #1 priority!

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Great news about the furkids, and glad you had a good birthday. :o)

You're not on a schedule with your bathroom redo, and your health is much more important. Take your time, that bathroom isn't going anywhere!

Hope you have a good rest of your week and a great weekend, Nancy.

Love and hugs,


Lucy Stern said...

Nancy, your floor looks great....Take it easy and work on it as your heart allows...So excited to hear that Buster and Sweet Pea are doing so good....Sounds like the new Cemo was just the right thing...Have a great week!

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Nancy,

Love the color of the tiles in the bathroom. I'm sure Oliver loves it, too! :-) Take it slow in finishing it, especially if you're not feeling so well.

I'm sure your daughter and you were overjoyed to hear the good news about Sweet Pea and Buster! They look so cozy snuggling together.

I'm glad your birthday was fun! Blessings for many more fun birthdays!

Have a wonderful rest of the week.

Hugs and prayers,


Merle said...

Dear Nancy ~~ A belated Happy Birthday, I am so glad your daughter
made a nice dinner for you to share
on your birthday. Please take your time with the bathroom and only do it when you feel really well. I am so glad your kitties are free of cancer. Wonderful news. I am sorry you cannot get health insurance for another year. Take great care, my
friend, Love, Merle.

Monogram Queen said...

I am just popping in for a sporadic visit but what WONDERFUL news Nancy! I am tickled pink about the good health reports for both kitties~ Hope to hear the same on you too.

Happy Belated Birthday!

Patty said...

Happy Belated Birthday. Hope you had one terrific time. Do you ever rest?

Winifred said...

Fantastic news about the kittiy kats. It really is amazing what they can do now.

Hope you had a wonderful birthday. Take care of yourself.