Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Daughter

Happy Birthday, Tammy!

This is my letter to my daughter who celebrates her 44th birthday today, December 15th...
Dear Tammy,

Gee, it doesn't seem that it has been 44 years since you came into this world! You were our first-born, and your birth made us a family. Your dad and I were in heaven, so to speak, at that time. We were like two kids with a new toy!

It was during doe hunting season, and I had been helping Grandma Squeek (my mom) with her hunters. I hadn't been feeling very well at all that afternoon, December 14th. I managed to sit on a kitchen stool and do what I could to help. You began to let me know that you were getting kind of restless that day. After supper was over, I told my mom that I thought I was having contractions.

Being December, you might know that it would be snowing quite heavily. Your dad took me back to our home to get my things so we could head out on the 20-mile drive to the hospital across those narrow country roads. But once I got home, I just had to take a shower, shave my legs, etc. Finally, an hour later, I said I was ready to go. By then, your Uncle Jake (my brother) was there, more nervous than your dad. He was going to follow us to the hospital in case we slid off the road. It really was a wicked night to be out on the roads, period. There were several inches of snow covering the roads, and there were no tracks from other vehicles to even follow. The roads hadn't been plowed yet, as the highway department would usually wait til the snow let up before clearing the roads. We had quite a perilous drive up Keating Summit Hill and then down the other side! The final 10 mile-lap was all flat road, thank goodness!

Finally, we arrived at the hospital! They were anxiously waiting for us, worrying about us driving through such a storm to get there. In a small town, where everyone knew everyone, and they all knew Aunt Naomi and Aunt Biddy, knew that I was their niece. There really wasn't any hurry since you ended up taking your good old time to be born! We put in a rough night together, you and I, but then finally, at 5:28am on December 15th, you were born! Your birth brought us so much joy! You were a beautiful baby but bald as could be! I had you by natural childbirth, so I was awake to see you born. We were just happy that you were healthy and had 10 little fingers and 10 little toes! We didn't care if you were a girl or a boy! Back in those days, no one knew whether the baby was a boy or a girl until the baby was born.

Your dad was with me all through the night, getting no sleep at all. Uncle Jake was calling all of our relatives who lived in that town (which we later moved to) telling them I was in labor. Your dad went to your Great-Grandma Jenny's in the morning to get some sleep, but he said he got very little, as her phone was ringing constantly with relatives calling to see if I'd had the baby yet. The day was busy with visitors coming to see you. We couldn't wait to bring you home! Oh, what a fun day that was! We knew nothing about babies, but we learned in a big hurry, thanks to the help of Grandma Squeek (my mom). You were such a good baby and started sleeping the entire night on your sixth night at home.

Poppa Steve, with his Bell & Howell movie camera in hand, came with your dad the day I was discharged. He filmed you and me through the hospital window and then later while leaving the hospital with you in my arms. Once we got home with you, I left you on the sofa while I got out of my clothes and into a robe to be more comfortable. Poppa Steve and Grandma Genevieve were there to undress you, the camera rolling all the while. What a blessed Sunday that was! I watch that video every year on your birthday. Poppa Steve knew what he was doing when he was filming everyone all the time. He gave us all such wonderful memories on film to keep alive forever.

You have done nothing but bring us joy all these years! We have always been so proud of your accomplishments during high school, college and now in the working world. You are the sweetest daughter I could have ever asked for! You have grown into a caring, loving, beautiful young woman. I know you are in Montreal on a business trip this year during your birthday, but you are still right here in my heart, where you'll always be. We will celebrate the big "4-4" this weekend! Happy Birthday, Honey! Always remember how much you're loved! We love you!!!


Diane@Diane's Place said...

Happy 44th Birthday to Tammy! I hope she has a great day. :o)

And I hope you have a very joyous and blessed Christmas season, dear Nancy. :o)

Merry Christmas!

Much Love,


Merle said...

Dear Nancy ~~ hat a lovely birthday
post for your daughter Tammy. I hope she has had a wonderful day/ She sure was a beautiful baby and I guess she is a lovely woman. I hope you enjoy the Butterfly award and you are welcome to the other one as well. Take care, dear friend,
Love, Merle.

hippo chick said...

What a sweet little baby she was. I remember seeing her the summer after she was born. We ran into you at the Port Carnival and you had her in a stroller.

Your tribute to her was so lovely and heartfelt.

Happy Birthday, Tammy.

~hippo hugs~

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Nancy,

What an adorable baby she was! And what a loving tribute to your dear, Tammy.

Happy birthday, Tammy. May all your birthday wishes come true.

Holiday hugs,too,


Train Wreck said...

What a great mother you are. That was a great Birthday tribute. You two have a special bond you can feel it in your writing. How awesome. Happy Birthday Tammy

Old Lady Lincoln said...

What a proud Momma, and what a cutie daughter. Happy Birthday hope the next 44 are happy ones for you.

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Happy birthday Tammy!! And many many more!!

Hi Nancy!
Your letter is so adorable! I loved it. What wonderful memories of our babies we have etched in our minds.

Thanks for your sweet comments on my recent posts. That means so much to me!! Have yourself a merry little Christmas sweetie!!

Big holiday hugs, Sherry

Loved your apron post, I used to use an apron to make a long skirt when I was playing as a child LOL
I loved the sheer aprons with lace that my mom would were while hosting a shower or card club.

Merle said...

Hi again dear Nancy ~~ I wish we lived closer too as I am sure we would be good friends.I am glad you are pleased with the butterfly award.
I am glad for my son's gardening efforts, this coming weekend. Try to get some sleep and rest dear friend
or you may end up getting sick. Take great care of yourself.
Love and (((Hugs))) Merle.

Monogram Queen said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter who is two years older than me!

Midlife Mom said...

Oh Nancy, what a lovely tribute to your dear daughter!!!!!!! I could just feel the love you have for her in each word! Happy Birthday Tammy, you have a wonderful Mom!!!

BClark said...

What a loving letter to your daughter. How wonderful that you have such a great relationship with her.

Those aprons are works of art, what love was put into those for you. You are so right, the apron was a staple for so many years.

Gramma Ann said...

Oh! if you are like me it's hard to believe she is 44 years old. Where did the time go? Enjoy your week-end together.

mountdweller said...

Happy 44th Birthday to Tammy and pray for your happiness!

Just drop by, from Malaysia.

Mary said...


This is a beautiful tribute to your daughter. Happy 44th to Tammy.


Merle said...

Hello again dear Nancy ~~ I am so glad you liked the atheist story and the jokes.
It has been busy but have it all under control at last.
Thank you so much for the lovely John Lennon song. I
have received it by Celine Dion, but prefer Johns as he wrote it. Have a great Christmas and get some rest.
Love, Merle. (((Hugs)))

Hootin' Anni said...

Tammy is a doll!!!!

44 years huh? Wow, doesn't time fly? Our youngest will be 37 in a couple of months, it just doesn't seem possible. Love the letter you shared with us.

Happy Holidays Nancy.

BClark said...

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas. Thank you for stopping by, wish we were closer would be fun to bake together.