Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday Surprise!

Edy and George on their honeymoon in 1947

Today I decided to call our former neighbors back in Pennsylvania, as they have a son who lives in Houston, Texas, with his family. I had been up watching the Weather Channel and CNN News during the night about Hurricane Ike hitting that area. I had to know if he and his family were safe. We had lived next door to this wonderful family for over 16 years...16 years 4 months and 6 days to be exact. We saw their children go through high school, college and get married. Those were some of the best years of our married next door to people who were as much family to us as they were friends. So, I was kind of caught off guard when I heard a voice, different than the one I was expecting to hear, answer the phone today. It was their older son, Dana, the one who lives in Houston! They are safe, their home was not damaged, but they did lose some fencing, and their pool had overflowed during the hurricane. He told me he is now retired, as is his wife, and they have been spending the summer months in Pennsylvania with their folks! What a nice surprise to actually get to talk to the person I was calling to inquire about !!! Anyhow, we chatted a while, catching up on each other's children, etc. His parents aren't into email, so he said he would show them my blog this evening when they return from an outing. Dana and I decided that we are going to keep in closer touch from now on.

While I am on the subject of these very dear friends, I must tell you all that this is the lady from whom I have acquired probably 99% of all my recipes throughout the years! Edy was always into baking, canning, cooking, rug hooking, name it, she did it!!! And she did it well, too!!!! She has made some beautiful things. She taught me so much! We used to sun together, swim together, shop together, sew together, pick apples together, and have a cool drink (or two) together under the shade of her big birch tree, too! Edy was always ready to travel whenever I took the kids to visit the orthodontist in another town, too. We shared some fun times together! She was like a second mother to me. I can remember having surgery one time, and she provided suppers for my family and came to visit me every afternoon. One day, she laid down on my bed with me and actually fell asleep! As I said, she was like a second mother to me.

Her hubby, George, was our local postmaster in our town there. Everyone knew George! And everyone respected his opinion, too. We depended on him so much, being young marrieds starting out in our newly-constructed home with yardwork to do that we really knew nothing about. George got us started on the right track, that's for sure! He knew how to do anything and everything, and we knew how to do...well, not too much! He taught us right, no doubt about that! We could never thank him enough if we tried! We were truly blessed with this wonderful, happy, fun-loving couple as our next-door neighbors! We shared a lot of laughs and fun times during those 16 years 4 months and 6 days!

George and Edy now

They had 3 children...a daughter and 2 sons. Their younger son, who was in high school at the time, was the best babysitter we ever had! The kids didn't give him any trouble at all. We always felt good leaving them in his care, and knowing that his parents were right next door, too. We had the best of all worlds while living there. My mother's family all lived in that town, too, so it was really a great life for us.

Edy and I had such a close relationship that we could pop in at each other's home for coffee whenever, or just sit on the patio and chit-chat anytime. Some nights we would combine our leftovers and share supper together on our patio. Other times, wrap up warm and sit by the fire and roast hotdogs and marshmallows. Those were just the best times!

Then, one day my husband came home and asked how I would like to live in South Carolina. I couldn't believe my ears! All I could think of was having to leave our home that I loved and my family and friends that I loved. It was just a total shocker, believe me! We knew we had to accept the job offer as we had a daughter just finishing up her second year of college, and our son was just a few weeks away from graduating from high school, who also would be attending college that Fall. If you have ever had to move and leave your loved ones behind, then you know the inner turmoil we felt. It made for many sleepless nights and many teary-eyes days, not to mention that we worked the entire summer sorting and cleaning out 16 years' worth of "stuff" that we had accumulated! I started selling furniture, as after we made the trip to South Carolina and had found a new home, we had ordered new furniture to be delivered when we got moved. It was a hectic summer, but these wonderful neighbors were there for us every step of the way. They were, and still are, a great family!!!

After they retired, George and Edy spent their winters in Florida and would always stop and spend some days with us on their way back north. George liked to walk alot, so Edy and I would head to the movies or go shopping. I have truly missed the fun times with this wonderful couple.
Some days, I wish I could go back in time 25 years ago......we have been here in South Carolina now for 24 years this past August. Now that I am alone, I don't get home often enough. I was talking to my son earlier this afternoon, and he said, "We need to go 'home' again, Mom." I agree. I guess he gets as homesick as I do.


Lib said...

Hi Nancy,
Happy to hear your Friends are o.k. Isn't it wonderful having Family/friends like this. We've had some through the yrs. thats passed on now and miss them terrible!
Seems these days most folks are too busy to have friednships! Sad too ,because they miss out on so much!
Hope you have a great wk.end!

Jess said...

Those sound like wonderful neighbors indeed...and now wonderful friends..... glad they are ok!

Have a wonderful weekend

Gramma Ann said...

Hi Nancy

So glad to hear that your friends are safe from the storm...

Great neighbors can't be beat. Everywhere I ever lived I have had great neighbors.

My husband and I lived in the same house for 40 years. When we retired 10 years ago and moved 850 miles away, to here in Iowa, we did a lot of downsizing. So I can relate to your moving woes !!!

Mr. Jones got his shots in the legs. He will probably be in and out of the house some of the time. Right now I am keeping him in the house until he is neutered. I don't want a lot of little black cats running around the neighborhood;)

Have a nice week-end and look after all those furry friends.


Old Lady Lincoln said...

What wonderful neighbors. Yes you and your son need to go home again, but you'll find it isn't quite the same.

Glad the family was ok, Abe's half brother and his wife went to Dallas to be with her family, I don't know if their place in Houston got any damage or not.

Have a good Sunday.

Midlife Mom said...
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Midlife Mom said...
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Midlife Mom said...
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Midlife Mom said...

Blogger is acting really strange this morning. Sorry about the repeats!

Midlife Mom said...

Well I managed to delete all of my comments instead of just the two repeats, DUH!!!!!!
I was saying how blessed you are to have the kind of friends that these folks are to you and vice versa. So glad the son and family didn't get hit too hard by the hurricane too. Nice that you two are going to stay more in touch!

Diane said...

I've heard the wonderful stories about Edy and George. It's hard to leave behind what's comfortable, but then you have wonderful memories. So happy to hear their son was safe. It was a horrible storm.

I haven't been able to blog for quite some time. I've worked extra and time hasn't allowed for any extras. Miss hearing from you. After this week, it should be more calm!


Monogram Queen said...

I still get homesick too, Nancy. If PA is in your blood there's no getting it out and when we moved to SC we might have moved to Mars - it was THAT different!!!
Your friends are wonderful, isn't it so nice to have small-town neighbors?

Susie said...

So glad your friends and their family are safe. I'm sure you look back fondly on those wonderful times and the cherished friendship!

Flip Flop Floozie said...

What a wonderful photo of George and Edy...the one taken today. How awesome to have them live such a wonderful full life.

Glad to hear that your friends were okay and out of harm's way.

I'm finally getting through to the ones we know in the city. There for a while I couldn't get the phone calls to go through. I'm sure it was because of the storm...but so far, not much damage for my son's area or his girlfriends.

Yay...praise be.

Thanks for stopping by.

Hootin' Anni said...

Dang....that's me above, Hootin' Anni...NOT flip flop floozie. I was helping her work her template and didn't sign out of her account.

My apologies...I really DO KNOW WHO I AM. roflmao

Sammy said...

What lovely photos and what lovely-sounding friends. I'm so glad they and their family are okay.

PEA said...

Hello dear Nancy:-)

I'm soooo behind with visiting this week...UGH! Never seems to be enough hours in a day anymore! lol

What a beautiful tribute post to your dear friends who used to be your neighbours. I can see why you really hated to move away from them, they seem like the perfect couple to have living next door!! Glad you got to talk to their son and that he and his family are safe from Ike. xoxo

hippochick said...


What can I say? This was a delightful post. You do have a wonderful gift of expressing yourself.

I dreamed about us last night; you, Barbara, Deanie, Thelma and me. What do you suppose that meant?

~hippo hugs~