Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"Buster" News & Other Chatter

I have a few other things to include in this post besides "Buster" news, so it's going to be a little of a mix this time. Please bear with me...

We took "Buster" back last week to have his staples removed, so he no longer has to stay in a pen/crate. So where does he sleep now??? In the pen!!! He seems to like his new "home." LOL He is quite the boy!!!

Yesterday, Stosh and I took him back to Greenville for a consultation to see if chemo would do him any good. His liver mass came back as benign, but the bowel tumor and lymph node were both malignant. The oncologist said he was a good candidate for chemo, and I asked, "When can he start?" She replied, "How about today?" I said, "Let's do it!!!" So we had to leave him there all day, as he needed another abdominal ultrasound before the chemo could be administered. We came home and then went back to Greenville to pick him up at 5:30.

Cats do amazingly well with chemo, usually no upset stomach or diarrhea as humans experience. He received an injection of Zofran for nausea, as a precautionary measure, and they also sent him home with medication for nausea to be given every 12 hours. This same med will also help keep his appetite strong. There is no guarantee that the chemo will help his type of cancer, but we are praying that it will give him more time. I was over to check on him this afternoon and to feed him again. Nothing wrong with his appetite yet! He has to be secluded for 48 hours and not allowed to be around "Sweet Pea" during that time. They cannot share the same litterbox, and after the 48 hours is over, his litterbox must be emptied and washed with soap and hot water. We were instructed to use rubber gloves to scoop his litter clumps, as the chemo is excreted through the urine and stool for 48 hours. It all has to be double bagged in plastic bags and removed from the home immediately.

Today, he met me when I opened the bonus room door. He cried and cried, as he wanted out. I told him one more day, and then he could come out. Poor little fella, he doesn't understand why he's being kept alone...first the pen and now alone in a room. I stayed there with him for awhile, and he ate quite well and then curled up to take a nap.

I stayed with him last night until my daughter got home from work. Obviously, the vet hospital had kept him in his carrier all afternoon with no access to a litterbox, and when I went to move him from the carrier to his pen, the beach towel in his carrier was wet. So when my daughter arrived home, we gave him a good bath! He smelled nice and clean when we got done with him! I never gave a thought to wearing rubber gloves, so I was exposed to the chemo! So far, so good...no symptoms do I have...yet! The paperwork they sent home stated that more is excreted through the stool than in the urine.

"Buster" and "Sweet Pea" have been bosom buddies since 1995. I'm sure you all remember "Sweet Pea" from previous posts a couple of months ago when she had her surgery and radiation treatments. She is clear of all cancer at this time. Next week, she will have chest x-rays as part of her monthly check-up. If her cancer does happen to return, it more than likely will show up in her lungs, the oncologist said. This veterinary specialists' place is really state of the art! They have a high success rate, so we are shooting for 3 out of 3 now, since "Buster" is the third cat we've had there in the past couple of months. The other two are doing very well yet! I will keep you all posted on his progress. Please keep the prayers going out for him. Thanks!



Talk about rain!!! Well, we finally got some last Thursday and then again Saturday night. It rained so hard late Thursday afternoon that the street drains couldn't even handle it all! It flowed down my street like a little river! We certainly could use even more, though! I really do love a rainy day! It just seems to make the earth feel so clean, and everything just looks so much greener and healthier after a good rain. You will notice in the first pic below that the water is covering almost the entire width of the street. In the second pic, you can see how it was rushing up against the tires on the red SUV.


Today on my way to Buster's house, I made a stop at my bank's drive-thru. When I pulled in behind the car in front of me, I saw that it was Ruth! I tooted my horn and waved, and she waved back! Then she gave me the motion to wait a minute. So I got out of my car, walked up to her car, and we chatted a few minutes, holding up the line, while we made plans to meet at 4:30 for supper. We ate at McAlister's Deli...they have really good sandwiches!

You all remember Ruth from when we went to MacDonald's that day for our free chicken sandwich! I did a post about her at the time. Well, today she found a way to get a cheaper coke than the $1.80 they wanted to charge. She questioned them over the price and was told that she could get a child size drink for 90 cents! And we even got free refills! She knows how to save a dollar, that's for sure! LOL


Tomorrow, Diane, from Do Drop Inn, my friend/neighbor, and I are heading to Starbucks and out to do a little shopping!!! More about that on my next post!


If you haven't checked out the Election 2008 video that I added at the bottom of my blog, you can do so below. You see, my son is running for President as a "write-in" candidate! It started out as a joke but has now blown up into a big thing with the news media! LOL


We are still in the 90's here all week yet. Hot and humid! But now that the 4th is over with, it won't be long before Labor Day is here, and then Old Man Winter won't be far behind! Always something to look forward to!


Renie Burghardt said...


I am so glad little Buster is doing so well after, and eating his treatment. Eating is always a good sign. And I pray the Sweet Pea's report will be good! She is a little beauty. You are fortunate to have such an excellent veterinary facility available.

A good rain at this time of the year is always a blessing.

It's nice to have a friend like Ruth, who knows how to save a dollar! Especially, these days. And Starbucks will be a treat, I'm sure. Wish we had one around here, but the best we can do is Mc'D's, in the boonies.

We are in the oven around here as well, although the humidity has been lower.

Hmm, since I'm still undecided with my vote, will have to check out your son's video. An write-in candidate might just be the ticket. LOL.

Have a great week, Nancy



raccoonlover1963 said...

Hello Nancy. Thank you for visiting my blog. It seems like I get a big share of readers from Abe's list. Sorry to hear you have a sick kitty. I hope he gets better soon. Some of the pictures didn't come through, even when I refreshed the page. Sweet Pea is a cutie. I only have one cat. A black short hair named Salem. I do feed a couple of the neighborhood cats as well, but I don't put food out until I see one of them around.
I really like your blog and will be back. Again, thanks for visiting mine.

Merle said...

Dear Nancy ~~ I hope your cats all get good results. Sweet Pea is so pretty. Thanks for your comments and glad you enjoyed the jokes, Olive was a wonderful lady and though she didn't type the posts for her "Blob"
Her friend, Mike did it all from her stories and took videos of her singing. Take care, Love, Merle.

Monogram Queen said...

You and your precious pets are in my prayers and in my heart.

I like McAlister's sweet tea! Sounds like some good times.

We've had some good rain and boy we've needed it. Really can't complain about the heat though.

Steven said...

Hello Nancy, Beautiful post, I was really glad any new content here on your blog, because these words are so reasonable and full faith in a better and more beautiful tomorrow. English is not my native language, because if you once used to write something wrong please forgive me, I wish you a beautiful day I will be back.

Diane said...

Glad Buster is doing well. I'm happy that ALL of the kitties are doing well.

That rain was unbelievable, huh? I left your house and went to PetSmart. While I was a the checkout counter, it started like a monsoon! I heard the thunder when I was at the back of the store and had the good sense to put the litter back on the shelf. I was soaked by the time I got in the truck. It looked like white water rapids when I passed your house. It was SO good to see some rain!!

Glad you had a good time with Ruth. We use to go there after church with a bunch of the members.

Looking forward to the outing at Starbucks today! See you at 1pm!!


hippochick said...

What an interesting and informative post. Glad Buster is doing okay.

Nancy, how do you shop at Starbucks? I love Starbucks. I was supposed to go there today with my friend Jane, but she had to opt out. I'll be thinking about you and Diane. Wish I could join you. Wouldn't that be a hoot?

It's raining slightly here today. Supposed to get to 90. I guess that's nothing to you.

Have a happy day. Thanks for your encouraging comment on my blog.

~hippo hugs~

Mary said...


I am sorry that Buster has to go through this. It's very hard on us humans when our pets are ill. I do hope he has a speedy recovery and that the treatments are successful.

We have had quite a bit of rain this year, but the water levels are still low, so more would be great. And I agree that the earth smells clean and fresh after a good rain. A gentle rain of a few hours is much better than a hard rain like your area experienced. There's a lot of water on your street.

It's been warm here but with very little humidity, so I'm enjoying this summer. Humidity and I don't get along well.

Please drop over to my Writing Nook and pick up an award that I am presenting to all who have commented on my posts during the month of July.

Have a great day.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Oh I do hope Buster does great with his chemo and all! Thank you to for the birthday wishes. I do so appreciate it! Had a lovely day thanks! huggles!

Jess said...

So happy that Buster is doing so well...how in the world do you ever get your cats to stand you giving them a bath? Mine don't need it, but if they did...well I would be in trouble!

So glal you are getting to spend some time with friends..

And we will catch up soon!

Talk to you soon..

Love, Jess

Lib said...

So glad Buster is doing do well!;o) :o)
We had alot fo rain Sun. mores to come Fri.
Hope you're having a great wk.

Susie said...

Hi Nancy,
Glad to read your nice newsy update.
Poor little Buster has really been through it lately. Glad the chemo will give him a chance at a longer life.
Try to stay cool. That humidity would do me in for sure.

Mary said...


I thought I should let you know that The Poet is not my father. He is my friend Denise's Dad. She is at Samaritan Women. I just adopted him since I love him so much and call him Dad. He's a dear.

Take care and thanks for visiting my blog on a regular basis. I appreciate your friendship and hope to get to know you better.


Grace Scott said...

Hi Nancy,

Good news that Buster is doing so well - what a relief fo ryou. All your kitties are so beautiful - that is really a gift you have with animals. Nice to hear all your news. Take care and have a good day.


Mrs Mom said...

Morning Miss Nancy! Boy what a relief that Buster is doing so well!!! He is a handsome mug there. ;)

That rain from the other day looks wonderful- hope that you can get some more today and this weekend. The coast is getting it right now- it has not made it the 20 or so miles inland to our house..yet!

Give Sir Buster a rub from us, and cant wait to hear how Sweet Pea does at her check up too!