Tuesday, August 10, 2010



Nancy said...

All 50 cats have been vetted with their shots, exams, etc. All are spayed/neutered and ready to go to their new homes. The rescue for these cats fell through when that rescue was disqualified, and rather see all of these beautiful kitties be killed by heartstick, Hilary Sontag rescued them ALL, incurring a bill of $13,767 for them! Please donate what you can...every dollar helps. Hilary can't save any more until she gets this bill paid.

Karin said...

Hi Nancy, my name is Karin Mebius and I live in Atlanta, GA.
Recently I found a cat who was abandoned and I named him Phoenix. You probably heard about him from Kate Branch.
I found a temporary foster home for him and we also found a permanent home for him. The only problem is that his adoptive family lives in Thompson, Iowa and therefore is very far away from Atlanta. I heard that you sometimes organize transports of animals and I would love to see if I can somehow take Phoenix to either you or someone else who then will take him a little bit further along, etc. His foster parents are willing to drive to wherever they need to, to pick him up.
I have tried to send you a message through facebook but wasn't successful so maybe this will work.
Kind regards,

Nancy said...
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Edie Marie's Attic said...

hi Nancy!

Just stopping by to say HI! Hope you had a great summer and that all is well with you sweetie.

Hugs, Sherry