Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Cold Day and No Hot Water!

Here we had temps in the high 70's for a few days, and at the present time, it is only 47 degrees out there! Add a breeze to that, and it feels quite chilly!

I got up yesterday morning to no hot water. I checked the breaker box, and sure enough, the breaker had kicked off. I turned it back on and later had hot water again. Well, today, the same thing happened! So, since I am on the Water Heater Repair Plan with our power company where I pay $4.95 each month for this service, I called their 800 number. About 10 minutes later, I received a call back from a technician. He had one service call before mine, so he was here within a couple of hours. Lo and behold, I needed a new tank! Mine was leaking into the overflow pan, which I had never even thought to check. I asked the technician how much it was going to cost me, and he said nothing! When you sign up on this plan, it covers repairs and replacement. I hadn't even been on the plan for a year yet. So those plans really do pay off in the end. So I now have a brand new Whirlpool hot water heater in my storage room! Glad that mess is over with! Now on to better things....

Tomorrow "Sweet Pea" starts her radiation treatments in Greenville, SC. I will be taking her in early each morning and bringing her back home each day. The first day is an all-day thing since they consult with NC State University via computer video so as to get the radiation set to the appropriate area, etc. A long day ahead for "Sweet Pea" and me. For a non-morning person, I will have my alarm clock set for 4 a.m. for the next 4 weeks. I have to allow at least an hour and a half to take care of my own cats before I leave each morning, plus the same for myself to have breakfast and to get ready. The thing that is going to be hardest for me is going to bed early. I am strictly a night person. Once I get the "ole bod" in a routine, things should go smoothly. We just pray that this radiation cures "Sweet Pea." She has an excellent chance and deserves this chance, too. We all love her so!


Diane said...

It's always something... Glad it's fixed and it costed zilch. I'll have to check to see if we are signed up for that plan.

Will be thinking about Sweet Pea.

Mississippi Songbird said...

Yeah for the new water heater and I will be sure to keep Swwetpea in my prayers.. I found your blog through Pam's Ponderings..
Thanks for letting me drop in. Have a good week..

hippochick said...

Sounds like a really good plan. We've replaced several water heaters over the years.

Good thoughts for Sweet Pea - and you. I'm neither a morning or night person. I need lots of sleep.